WaterFlask Down: In Search of Water

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At the Caravan there is a great need for fresh water.

Water reserves are low and near depletion levels.

Clean Water is needed:

The mornings mission will be to scout, identify and clear the path to the water source. Once the area is deemed safe the Caravan will be able to refill the water casks.  

Scouting Report

The scouting report indicates a potential large water source just north of the current location.

"Joe" the self proclaimed Eagle Ranger scout" recants the narrative below: ​ ​ We were on the way for most of the morning walking through tall grasses and swampy ground. As the sand timer ran down the group heard an odd noise. Moving in the direction of the odd sound the noise becomes crisper and more defined. Almost everyone can hear the noise off in the distance. About then a party member stumbles. Looking down there is a large foot print in the mud. Thinking nothing of it and with no time to stop for details the party glances over the mud print and moves on. 

Going further we approached a small clearing in the tall grasses and when light was just about right we saw a gap in the mountain range.

The gap was flanked by two large karsts and in the center we sighted what looked like a lake. There is another odd noise in the area but as the sands of time have run down it is time to turn back and report the findings.  Better to live another day.


A halfling that is modestly dressed and completely unarmed blurts out the following:

From his past journey he recants:

These giant creatures (as old as the dragons themselves) usually hunt with dire wolves.  They do not like to share the bounty with others and are very selfish at times.  The Weapons they carry are usually uprooted trees and rocks from the ground.  On occasion when a nice territory is found they proclaim themselves king of the territory and if the mood shifts into "feed me" and 'hunger mode" they just might eat anything insight.

Previous Knowledge

Q and A

Any further questions?

If not, then go out and be safe!!!