Needler The Ranger

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Needler The Ranger

Needler aka Needa

Needa is an excellent hunter with a bow and arrow.

Her exact age is unknown but she appears to be in her early twenties. She is tall and well toned. She has a foreign look about her—she’s pale skinned, with a heart shaped face, she has long, golden blond, wavy hair, and grey-blue eyes. She’s a physically and emotionally strong woman with some obvious personality flaws.

People are often wary of her because they note that she continually scopes out the environment she’s in—she seems always alert and gives off an air of being an opportunist. She lacks some key social niceties—she comes off aloof & doesn’t make friends easily.

She’s keeps her past very private—when asked questions about her past she her answers are often evasive and/or cryptic. When asked about her family, she says that Flynn is her family and cuts the conversation off.

It is obvious to those around them that Flynn and Needa are a couple. They have been traveling together the past several years.