Malygos The Wizard

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Pages relating to Malygos

Malygos Backstory - Sit down and put your feet up and listen to the thirsty Bard's tale...

Malygos Deposition - At one point, the Marshal dragged everyone in for questioning. This is how Malygos answered.

Depositions Completed - One all of the depositions were completed, Malygos called a meeting.

A Note from Malygos - At one point, Malygos had to leave abruptly, this was his goodbye message to everyone.

Another Note from Malygos - While he was away, he sent word that he was still alive and well.

Malygos Returns - Malygos has returned to the camp, with news he presents to you in confidence.

Incident number 27 - An incident from his past back in his Wizard school days. Best not to ask him about it.