GrUm the Barbarian

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Grüm - The mild mannered human Barbarian from the local *Naotuka* tribe. Sent by the tribe Elders to explore and defend the natural lands.

Grüm is from the Bear Clan.

History on the Bear Clan: As a right of passage for each young adult. They are required to spend 2 moons off in the Wilderness by themselves with minimal provisions.

When each returns one must present a demonstration of courage.

In Grüm's case he returned with a bearskin coat and several deep tissue scars (leg and arm) to mark his trials.

The Bear Clan Totem:

   Bear animal is strength and confidence:
   The Bear stands against adversity; taking action and leadership to protect the natural environment.
   The Bear Spirit of the the bear: time for healing to help self or others
   The Bear medicine emphasizes the importance of solitude, quiet time, rest
   The Bear spirit of the bear provides strong grounding forces