Errol Flynn The Rogue

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Errol Flynn The Rogue

Flynn was born and grew up in a coastal city. His family loosely followed the teaching of Poseidon. His family’s business is called the Amazon Trading Company which buys and trades all types of goods and information obtained in many different forms

When Flynn and his siblings come of age, their parents allow them travel the world at will so they may discover what truly interests them and figure out what they want to do with their lives. In doing so, they help the family find lucrative deals and discover ways to help increase revenue for the family business. Also, when the need arises the siblings help bridge the gap between Amazon Trading Company and those that threatened its existence (by any means they see fit).

When Flynn officially left to start his travels his parents gave him a special coin. His parents told him the coin had special properties, but it was up to him to figure them out. His father did tell him that the primary function of the coin is to prove to the family business’ allies abroad that he is indeed a Flynn. Flynn has discovered that the coin is much more than just a recognition symbol. Over time he has repeatedly found that the coin cannot be stolen from him. When lost or stolen, it has always mysteriously reappeared in his possession the very next morning. Though his travels, while gathering information for his family, he has made alliances with various cities’ unsavory characters. It is with these different groups that he honed his stealth and thieving skills.

One evening after a year a travel, as Flynn was making camp in a forest for the night, he heard a large, otherworldly lightning strike nearby which he went to investigate. He found an unconscious young woman in the middle of a charred circle that seemed to be caused by strange lightning strike. The young woman was dressed in strange, unnaturally colored garb of an unknown fabric. Lying next to her was a weapon that appeared to be a broken long bow, which was also unusual looking. It was made of a light weight hard material he had never seen before with the symbols XXX inscribed upon it as well as five interlaced rings of blue, yellow, black, green and red. Flynn could not wake her up, so he picked her up and took her to his shelter for the night.

Finally, after 2 days she started to wake up. She was obviously dazed and disoriented. When he started to talk with her, she had a strange dialect and accent that he did not recognize. He was able to communicate with her well enough to find out that she didn’t know who she was or where she came from. He felt in his gut that she was destined to be a valuable asset in his life—sort of a great omen, so he took her under his wing. It also didn’t hurt that she was lovely to look at and he found he had a deep desired for her. After a few months, once she became more comfortable with the world around her, he realized that she had a sharp eye and aim with a bow and arrow. He playfully started calling her Needler because of her sharp precise aim. They grew to be close companions and allies. After a few years she learned his language as well as a few others she picked up along the way, thus she was able to help him achieve some of his family goals.

As of now they have been together 5 years and have just entered a new outpost looking for a new adventure.