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Dave's World


Pick your Race Elf, Human, Dwarf, Hafling, Gnome, Half Elf, Half Orc

  • No Drow Elf please....this world hunts them down... thanks..
  • Reference the original 5e Players Handbook
  • DM has the final say on Race, Class.
  • Stat Bonus as in the DM Guide.

Pick your Class Bard, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Monk, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard, Barbarian

Method 1

Use the online die roller for Stats... (5 D6 - Take best 3)

  • One Mulligan but you need to use the Mulligan if you choose..

Shuffle your scores as appropriate


Use the standard Point system as a last default

Method 2

Roll 5D6 for each stat series

If you hate it roll another Roll 5D6 for each stat series (you're stuck with the 2nd set)


Use the standard Point system as a last default

Post complete character to wiki... sorting out how...

5th Level:

Background for Each Character (adding the Color)

You background would need to answer the Following questions:

  1. Why are you here?
  2. What are your objectives and desires?
  3. What do you fear?
  4. How do I trust you?
  5. What can you contribute to a group if you join or are asked to join?.
  6. What is Public vs. private on your list and who knows? Like what other npc know this Ahh...
  7. What happened in the past and what motivates you?

2-7+ Sentences should do it.

Public is common knowledge

Private is private but loose lips are prevalent in this world... not very good security protocols...

Character Links (The 6th Degree of D&D)

DDgree# Azul Xavier Mackdagger Dr Ziger, TI Demelza Kerowyn Lionne
1 Xavier Azul Dr Ziger Mackdagger Mackdagger Xavier Azul
2 Kerowyn Dr Ziger Xavier Xavier Kerowyn Demelza Mercenary
3 Dr Ziger Kerowyn Demelza Kerowyn Azul Azul X
4 Demelza Mackdagger Kerowyn Demelza Dr Ziger Dr Ziger X
5 Lionne X X Azul X Mackdagger X

Character Links Short Description

Azul and Xavier

Xavier's mount blew a hoof and was limping along. Azul as was able to bind the leg allowing the animal freedom of movement.

Xavier gave some flint and cloth to Azul as a thank you.

Azul warned Xavier that the woods are full of zombie wolf packs and to stick to the known paths rather then going off trail.

Xavier and Dr Ziger

In one of the small establishments along the way Xavier was thirsty and stopped in an out of the way tavern.

There he met a gnome (Dr Ziger) and the two drank and spilled old war stories and closed down the tavern.

Dr Ziger and Mackdagger

In another larger establishment Dr Ziger met an odd merchant who called himself MackDagger.

The Barmaid was cute and the drinks were on Mackdagger. Both shared stories on the hatred of the Goblin Wars.

Mackdagger staggered out and disappeared into the night while Dr Ziger kept to his usual inquisitive self.

Mackdagger and Demelza

Mackdagger was an acquaintance to the Warleggen family as well as to Willim and Clowdance Trenwith dealing with jewels and other merchant type goods.

Demelza would recognize Mackdagger as she remembers him visiting Willim and Clowdance Trenwith.

Kerowyn and Demelza

Kerowyn would offer food to the hungry children and those less fortunate as part of her weekly tasks and training experience.

Kerowyn would also tend to the ill and sick as part of her work from the church.

Demelza and Kerowyn meet a few times on the streets of Nin in the Kingdom of Gynedd.

Mackdagger and Xavier

On the out skirts of the City of Nin, Mackdagger met Xavier at a local tavern and got to talking about old war stories.

Mackdagger told Xavier about his hatred of the Orcs and how they killed his brothers in a previous Orc Conflict some time ago.

Currently, A fragile peace has existed for a number of years since the Humans expanded into Orc lands.

MackDagger also indicated to Xavier about how he tries to help the less fortunate residents of the tent city when he can, as a way to honor his two lost brothers.

Xavier and Kerowyn

Xavier stopped in the city of Nin. There he met Kerowyn working with the forgotten wounded warriors as well as the wounded Half-orc peoples.

The Tent City is a make shift establishment of huts, shacks, and tents. Inhabited mostly by lower class laborers, starving artisans and wounded and healing warriors from hostile actions.

Also refugees from varies past conflicts have taken up residence here.

Azul and Kerowyn

Azul would visit the tent city on the outskirts on Nin and bring fresh kills to the local kitchen hearth.

One of the more interesting kills was a large Cow with great horns that needed the use of a wagon to be hauled.

Kerowyn would recognize and thank Azul for the kindness and generosity as appropriate.

Dr Ziger and Kerowyn

Dr Ziger visited Nin and the Tent City in search of his sisters whereabouts. Refugees of the Goblin wars are also temporary residents of this makeshift city extension.

Demelza and Dr Ziger and Azu

At one of the "Open Air Services" of Nin a thunderous storm came up and threatened to uproot the "Big Tent of the Fest".

Demelza, Dr Ziger and Azul along with others secured the tent strapping's and tie downs to make safe the area.

Starting Plot

The Framework

Mini Series Status

Task Description Estimated Completeness
Develop Blackburn & run Assessment #1 and #2 100%
Review Assessments #1 and #2 10%
Starting here at The Fountain 80%
Develop Character Backstories 90%
Create character links 80%
Create stats and Submit Characters & DM Review 60%
Integrate Character into story line 80%
Develop Plot 90%
Prep for First session - Executed 50%
Prep for Second session 20%

The Plot:

1) The Calling of the Mind

       a. Fountain at VladenMar
       b. Road to Blackburn

2) The Blackburn Inn

       a. The Ballad(s) and the Blackburn Tavern
       b. Honor and a Heroes Story         
       c. Look what comes into town & the competition arrives
       d. Here comes trouble

3) The BBQ Incident

       a. Fire from the Sky

4) The Interview with the Grand Master & Resume

       a. What do you have to offer to the group
       b. Prove it...by demonstration with peers & the other candidates
       c. The Fine Print
       d. The Elimination  

5) The Tor

Session Logs

Session Logs

The Rules

Did you have fun?

Did you laugh?

Did the DM tell you enough information?

Did you review the Wiki?

Did we all work together to solve and survive!

Did you have an "Oh Shit Moment"?

Did you get a chance to role play?

Max HP to fifth level - roll next in front of table for next level discard any (1's and re-roll)

Can modify character between game nights - email me for review

Cast of Characters

Can't tell the players apart without a program

In Alpha Order

Azul - Aria

Demelza Trenwith - Maryellen

Lionne - Gabby

Kerowyn - Julie

Mackdagger - Eric

Xavier - Jim

Dr. Ziger - Bob



Grand Master Eldin

Grand Bardster

Narfu the Bounty Hunter

Uzul Maxium

Garfung Maxium

Gimball Smith

Nagaen the Defiler - Pasha Enforcer

Mistress Amber Graybear Melora


MackTrader Joe

Pasha Boss

Smaghead Maxium

NPCs with Attitudes (past, present and future)

Tinuk Iron Hammer

Merchant Guild

Morin Tinuk Hammer

Kilver Filch

Balin Jones

Audugar Kazen

Zartan the Great

Kordeck Bruhne

Nadine Cervawn

Mistress Gwen

Spar the Drider Boss Defiler

Draxxia the Drow Witch

Known Places

World Map

ValdenMar Grounds Map

Blackburn Town

Blackburn Tavern

The TOR in the Mountains

Temple ruins of the Golden Robe Princess

Artifacts of Interest

The Token Coin

Fire Spawn

The Bag of Rocks

Ballad of the Warrior Princess

Ballad Tale

Ballads of the Bardster (playing a Ballad on the lute...)

1) Ballad of the Flames of the Tavern

2) Ballad of the "Order of the Golden Light"

3) Ballad of the Mighty Baxum Warrior

4) Ballad of the Thumper Warrior

5) Ballad of Daenerys

6) Ballad of Tinuk

Tall Tales of the Bardster (Let me tell you a Tavern story about...)

Minotaur for Supper Anyone @ the Blackburn INN

The Orc Sniper and Baxum - on the search for Tinuk

Tinuks Cabin

Tinuks basement Dungeons and Sharn Spider Lair

Tinuk and the Orcs

Old Tower Mound Ruins

Morin's House

Ambush on road to Gimballs Mine

Gimballs Mine Part #1

Gimballs Mine Part#2

Balins Loss at Blackburn

Entrance of Narfu the Bounty Hunter

Cavern Trap and carrion crawler Encounter

Group reunited Encounter

Hallway of Horrors and the Obelisk

Gimbals Mine Part#3 - AKA Drow and Spiders and Mummies Oh My!

The Drow with the Black Cat

The Mummies Strike Back

Ambush on the bridge of Chasms

The Black Cat howls

The Drow of Chamber A - free the dwarfs

Hall of Horrors and Pictures

Tomb of the Priestess of the Golden Robe

Entrance Trap

Escape the Tomb of the Priestess of the Golden Robe

Hall of Horrors and Pictures @ Who hot wired the Altar and broke it!

Garfung and the Egg @ Kobald Dragon Shields

Spar the Defiler @ the Pasha Ring

Fountain of the Priestess of the Golden Robe

Entrance to the Tomb of the Priestess of the Golden Robe

On the Way to the Black Burn Tavern

Return to the Black Burn Tavern

The Ballads

The Marvin Homestead

Legendary Artifacts of Interest

The Cube

The Cube Chest

Pasha Signet Ring with a P

Pasha Dagger

The Holy "Mirror Chamber" Symbol

The Key to the Cube Chest

The X Gem Black

The Cross ICON - Omega Key

The Astro Pointer Device

Clear Gem Diamond

Blue Sapphire Gem

Red Sapphire Gem

Yellow Sapphire Gem

Green Sapphire Gem

Shards of the Avenger Staff 1

Shards of the Avenger Staff 2

Shards of the Avenger Staff 3

Ring of the Mummy

Orc Commander Document

2 inch by 5 inch metal plate - Alchemy Card

The Orange