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The Timeline

1/5/18 If you want special items or abilities for your character this is the deadline to get them in so we can work out the details well in advance of the game. Want a special spell? Want to be really good at something? Want your grandfather’s vorpel sword? You don’t ask you don’t get.

1/12 This is the deadline for your complete characters so you and I can have some time to familiarize ourselves with your abilities, including your spells, before the game.

1/19 New D&D Kickoff

NEW Keeping Track of Time: Bobs Game Timeline NEW

The Rules

5e Rules except…

Crafting: No Crafting or Tool Kits, except the Med Kit. If you want to bring a certain type of tool that can be used for a background skill just list it in your equipment.

DEATH HURTS: +1 Exhaustion on reaching 0HP plus chance for injury

Darkvision: We can go back to the book Darkvision for races. Darkvision goggles: There are two types; either type is suitable to be the special TBD item. Standard are common in better quarters, used by many professions from guards and soldiers to taxi drivers and street cleaners, give 60' of dim vision. The others are Gnome Mechanics Goggles which give only 5' of vision but as in bright light. Some of these also have a swing down magnifying loupe.

Experience bonuses will be used both in the form of cards and direct award.

Encumbrance is in play.

There are many changes on the GM side but you don’t need to worry about them.


Each player should select 2 characters and send them to me. Just the class/race with the rest to be filled in later. Pretty much by the book. There will be a standard “Extras” package of items (Potions and such) to choose and one small special item TBD.

Races: Limited to the “common” PC races in the PHB. Additional +1 to any stat for Humans

Class: There will be no restriction on classes but some of the non-basic classes may need tweaks along the way. We'll see as we go. If something says it is rare or unusual then don't count on it. (That is WOTC speak for massively broken.) (UPDATED 2018/03/29 - Classes and their variants are restricted to those contained in the Players Handbook)

Backgrounds: the set-up I have in mind will reduce the effects of backgrounds. You can put as much or as little into your story as you want but you should be able to answer the basic six questions: 1. Where was the Character Born? (Type of area/situation.) 2. Who are their parents? a. Are the parents/family still alive? 3. What was your character doing before the adventuring life? 4. Why did your character leave their previous life? 5. What did your character leave behind? 6. What does your character want? (motivations)


Pick any basic equipment, including Plate armor; Encumbrance is in play

Basic Extra’s: Potions: Each PC gets 4 Healing (2d4+2) and 2 Extra Healing (4d4+4); You may request up to 2 potions of ANY type, simply specify an effect. If I don’t like it I will select one for you. These are in addition to the Bonus Package you will get to select.

The Premise

The world is at war and the smaller kingdoms are falling one by one to the evil Sorillians. The only hope is to unite and go on the offensive against the evil kingdom but no one has been able to overcome the fear and mistrust of each other. King Althon of Akrati believes that the ancient Crown of Ages will give him the ability to do just that and thereby save the world from oppression.

The Ziggurat

After two years of searching, his scouts located the fabled ziggurat where it is believed to be buried. The location is far from any city so a fully equipped expedition was assembled and sent deep into the jungles of the East on a long term assignment. Included are the high level Heroes assigned to the actual recovery as well as a variety of support staff like scouts, chefs, hunters, gatherers, guards, smiths and laborers, even farmers to grow fresh greens. Sensing excitement, profit or even escape, the PC's have managed to get spots in the group using skills from their backgrounds or as laborers; some have been assigned tasks by their affiliations, such as monasteries. [Players should attempt to find some way their characters could support the effort, and still have the freedom to go off on their own.]

[The exception: Barbarians. These come from the tribes in the local area of the ziggurat.]


Along the way there were several encounters that gave the parties not only much needed experience but the chance to learn to work together. Finally, after many weeks of travel, they set up a camp near the structure and began to explore and clear the monument. The surrounding area seems to have a minimum for threatening creatures with the exception of some warring tribes. The growing camp trades with both tribes but neither tribe seems interested in peace with the other.. Since this is not a diplomatic mission, the leaders have decided to ignore that situation and focus on their own assignment.

The Mystery Unfolds

In a couple boring months the laborers have cleared the ziggurat and scouts went over every inch of the outside. They discovered sealed doors on the uppermost of seven platform levels but the heroes decided they didn't want to climb all that way up 350' and then work their way down when they “know” that the prize will either be in the center of the ground level or 350' below that.. They made the laborers cut a way in through the lower wall; 30' of block and brick. The tunnel opened into a lavishly decorated dining chamber with a large table draped in what appeared to be blue silk and white lace. The adventurers quickly moved in and a short time later, even though it was shored up, the tunnel collapsed. The tunnel was reopened but despite heavy shoring the new tunnel quickly collapsed, killing several workers.

The next morning there was no sign that the tunnel ever existed.

A Second Attempt..

Several attempts have been made to drive a second tunnel through in the past week but no matter how much they shore it, they all collapse within a few hours of starting. Many diggers have been lost and those that remain refuse to attempt it again. After each attempt the guards reported that during the night there was a flash and all signs of the tunnel and shoring disappeared, as if it had never been. That time has been seen to be at midnight when any debris swirls as if blow by hurricane winds and reassembles itself into its original configuration. Any shoring or unfortunate diggers in the tunnel simply vanish without a trace.

Several of the expedition, claiming the Hero adventurers dead in the collapse, fled into the jungle, but most remain hopeful. Most of these just want to continue to create what is now a village of almost 200 people wait for the Heroes to return, but some think it might be a good idea to open the doors on the top since they will probably need to exit that way. The camp leader has strict orders not to interfere with the Heroes and has refused to endanger the workers by using them to open anything without the Heroes to protect them. Instead he has everyone doing busy work improving the camp and patrolling the area.

There have been no recent signs of dangerous creatures and everyone is very bored and nervous. Moral is very low and petty squabbles are turning to violence on a regular basis. Despite the best efforts of the mayor and his staff, the camp is on a slow burn to implosion if something doesn't happen soon.

Now What?

The PC's have been spending their off hours investigating the structure and have run into each other during their outings, giving them time to identify potential associates, become acquainted and make plans. The bottom of the structure is often used by people for recreation and the top usually has a couple of lookouts. They try to keep anyone from tampering with the structure but are mostly bored so they sometimes leave their posts or sleep since they know the bosses are too lazy to make the climb. They might even be bribed to help, or at least not to mention it to anyone.

Session Summaries

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Cast of Characters

Can't tell the players apart without a program

"No one here is exactly what he appears..." – G'Kar

Current Characters (in Alpha Order)

Alexstrasza The Bard - Julie

Allyssandra The Warlock - Julie

Aysa The Monk - Julie

Choodah The Fighter - Bill

Drodan the Druid - Gabby

Errol Flynn The Rogue - Eric

Grüm the Barbarian - Dave

Malygos The Wizard - Jim

Needler The Ranger - Mary

Nelfarian The Monk - Jim

NPCs of Note

The Marshal

The High Priest

CPL Plover

Known Places

Where have you been - where are you going?












Star Shield Mercenary Guild

Silvers Mercenary Guild

Knights of the Red Garter

Knights of Light

K'Tell School of Music and Poetry

Monastery of the Amber Field

Afira School of Wizardry



The Golden Toad