Allyssandra The Warlock

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    Allyssandra was raised by her mother, Ashara. Her father, who was an Elf, left when she was about 2 years old. His fling with a human woman was over. He loved her but did not have the heart to watch her wither before his eyes. 
    Ally was always curious as a child, keeping mainly to her books. With her nose buried in a book, it was easier to ignore the taunts of other children who made fun of her for her pointy ears, which were courtesy of her Elven father. 
    When she was 16, her mother died of natural causes. While going through her mother’s things to decide what to keep and what to get rid of, she came across a leather bound book. Attached was a note from her mother. This book was apparently left behind by her father, to be given to his daughter when she came of age. Being ever curious, Ally started flipping through the book. To her amazement, it turned out to be a book of magic of sorts. She stopped at picture of a beautiful female Fey. Not realizing what she was doing, she began to read the words that accompanied the picture. 
    It turned out this was a summoning incantation for the Fey Queen Titania. Ally was lucky it was not a more malevolent being. Queen Titania was not very happy about being summoned by an untrained child. But something she saw in Ally made her pause in her decision to punish the summoner. She allowed Ally to apologize and pledge herself to the Fey Queen. The queen set her on a quest to become worthy servant by gaining more power.
    After spending the next year, secretly trying to master some of the basic spells that were in the Book of Shadows, as she now called the book, she decided to leave the village in search of more knowledge and power. 
    After traveling and learning for a few years, she heard of the exploration of a tomb. She traveled to the location, thinking this may be a good place to learn more.