Alexstrasza The Bard

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Alexstrasza The Bard - A Brief History

Alexstrasza was born to parents of 2 different races. Her mother, Aessina, was an elf and her father, Anduin, was a human. Both her parents inspired her with a love of music and tales. Aessina loved to sing and dance. Her father was a maker of instruments and knew how to play most of them. She grew up in the city of Ambermill.

For her 10th birthday, her father gave her a lyre, which she still carries to this day, a much loved instrument. Her mother taught her to sing and dance. She enjoyed listening to the older folks in the city tell stories of heroes and demons. Some, she knew were pure balderdash, but others made her think of how glorious it all sounded.

Due to being a half breed, she was tormented by the other children at an early age. She needed to learn to defend herself. She didn’t want others fighting her battles for her. She sought out a retired military man and coaxed him into teaching her the use of a sword and bow.

She longed to see more of the world, so when she was old enough, she said goodbye to her parents and set off to have adventures of her own. She used her skill with story and song to help make her way through the world. Many a tavern owner would offer a meal and a place by the hearth for a night’s entertainment of the clientele.