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A reasonably new city built to replace a city destroyed by raiders years ago. Full government support allows the city to thrive even though it is at the fringe of civilization.

The city has a castle, a walled portion where most of the population lives and an ever growing sprawl outside the wall. A temporary wooden bridge has recently been built allowing expansion to the east but the bridge is closed during high water.

The adventurer's manor is located just outside Afira.


Castile- Within the original wall, this are is well protected and open only to those of breeding or working within.

Commons- This is where most of the residents live and shop.

Golden- High priced goods and people; well policed. A separate wall encircles the district and those entering are screened and sometimes denied access.

Market- The place for trade without a permanent storefront; a great place for transients and bohemian night life. A section of the district centered around the Street of the Gods is sometimes referred to as the Temple District.

Mills- Outside the city there are many mills. Most watermills are located near the river and use specially cut channels to power the wheels while windmills are situated atop the river bluff where the wind is strongest.

Guild- Merchants abound here but the high rent has led to a portion being under-occupied and inhabited by low-life squatters.

Port- Many a lowlife reside here and many from other classes come to let off steam. Below the city wall, this area is not well protected in raids from the river. Government tax offices are well policed but warehouses are hit and miss.

Stynx- Outside the wall; as far outside as they could be pushed, the hub of manufacturing, stink and slaughter; not a place to live if you can be anywhere else. Tanneries, Cloth dying, Butchers, Mills, etc.

Suburb- Outside the wall; many laborers and apprentices have homes here; some tiny, some quite nice. The nosy keep a watch over these blocks and aid police.

Sprawl- Outside the wall; a general reference to the growing footprint of the city, especially the area on the far side of the river.


Arcana Apothecary - Golden; pills and potions; Love 10GP; Healing 75 GP; Climbing 100GP; Greater Healing 500GP; Slip, Growth, Resist 1000GP; Acids and Poison special order only, very expensive